Déjà vu and an almost playable game.

So I'll admit, I had planned on having a playable build by now. The reason I don't have a playable build yet is simple. I was way to into the idea of having procedural cities. I spent a few different days trying to get it working in a way that made me happy. I tried doing free-form generation, Worely noise, and my own crude implementation similar to Worely noise. None of it really worked out the way I'd have liked, I blame my lack of experience.

So now after flopping around like a fish out water I've finally started working on the base game. It feels weird to be rewriting the code that I just finished a week ago. I feel like the code structure is definitely a lot better than last time, especially since I've discovered namespaces, enums, and static variables. Planning the important parts out first has also helped quite a bit.

All I need to do to get a playable build out is set up the district (previously sector) actions and the end turn scripts. Gonna make sure it's all done in the proper order this time.

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